The Favorite Sexual Fantasies of Women

So, what do women fantasize about sexually? There is no definite answer to this question because women do have a lot of sexual fantasies. They may be too ashamed to talk openly about them, but that is the reality. I think they have had too much of ’50 shades of grey’ the movie and the book. It has given them the willingness to experiment with their fantasies.

Whether it is your girlfriend or your wife, the list I’m going to provide here will surely touch some forbidden women fantasy. The thing is, most women prefer to leave their fantasies just untouched. But some are taking it to another level and in reality accomplishing them one by one. The next time you see your woman lost in thought, chances are she is fantasizing about some crazy sexual fantasy. Don’t be surprised to find out that some of these fantasies are not too different from what men want. So next time you and your lady of the night are engaged in pillow talk, don’t be surprised if you share similar fantasies.

Why fantasize?

It is good to note that sexual fantasies are part of who we are. It is a healthy part of our sexuality. Some fantasies may be taken out of past sexual experiences, but some are just the result of wild imaginations. Some fantasies are considered taboo and unacceptable, but at this age and era, nothing is unacceptable really. By the end of the list, you will have realized that women marvel at crazy sexual fantasies. Like I always say, I, the porn dude got all the juice. Drum rolls, please.

1. Rape fantasy porn

For some reason, this is number one on the list. It may not sound like women are into this kind of fantasy, but you will be surprised. Many women fantasize about being sexually molested by a man. You may be shocked by how many women I have talked to who dream of a man taking them, carrying them onto a haystack and nailing them (not literally of course).

A woman will dream about a man who will rip off her expensive Versace coat, her Gucci t-shirt, and expensive lingerie off and ravage her. These are fantasies, dear gentlemen. This does not give you the license to wake up one day and decide to do this to a lady especially if she is not your girlfriend; you will have your balls kicked hard before you go past the jacket. A woman will however not mind her man doing all these rough things to her if you remove the part where you rip off her expensive clothing. That may not be very amusing. Watch rape fantasy porn videos and see the thrill for yourself.

2. Double penetration threesome

Well, well. Women seem to have a thing about group sex. It looks as if the more, the merrier. Just like men think about that erotic threesome, especially if there is a real Latina girl involved, so do women. Only that women will not be dreaming about some Asian demigod. They mostly want to do it with their man’s friend. Apparently, it adds to the thrill.

I asked some women why the idea of a double penetration threesome is thrilling to them. They said they loved the freedom of seeing two naked men who are sexually exposed and allowing them to penetrate their body simultaneously is only too erotic and thrilling. I couldn’t agree more. Such a feeling is incredible. A word of caution though, do not assume that all women are interested in double penetration. Do not gather all your buddies for a threesome either, unless your woman asked you to do that. But there is a reason a double penetration threesome blows women’s minds off.

3. Tied up and fucked

The power play has a way of turning women on. This includes being tied up and banged. A woman I talked to admitted that she loved it when her boyfriend tied her up with a rope on the bed and left her there naked and went running errands. I didn’t know how this was sexually thrilling until I learned that this gives women a thrill knowing that the man is somewhere only thinking about her tied up in his bed. When finally it’s time to fuck, she will cum immediately.

Women also love the idea of being pushed into a wall with handcuffs on and nasty things are done to them. This is as long as it is being done out of passion, not out of anger. You want to tie your woman and do something nasty to her? Make sure it is not in violent anger before you spend some years in the coolers. See why women love being tied up and fucked.

4. Sex with another girl

Not many women will openly admit to having a lesbian fantasy, but the truth is, the majority secretly do. Many women fantasize about a physical relationship with someone like Angelina Jolie or some other hot bitch that talks like she would enjoy fucking another woman. Don’t you believe that? I don’t blame you.

Women love to think about how sex would feel like a member of their sex. The idea of being touched by another woman and reaching orgasm is an enthralling one. She may not admit it openly, but deep down she’ll be admiring a woman’s body and thinking it’s the best thing ever created. A woman may not have actively participated in lesbian sex, but don’t rule out the idea that she will change her mind.

5. BDSM sex

This is otherwise referred to as master-slave sex. Women do like getting kinky once in a while. They relish the idea of being ordered around. The woman will wonder how it would feel to be ordered on how to suck the dick, at what pace to ride, being whipped and all that. They like playing the innocent slave whose fate is in the hands of the master. It gives them the thrilling feeling of being free and dominated. Other women admit that they would play the hard-headed slave and refuse to obey their masters and be punished. Well, it doesn’t get stranger than BDSM sex, does it?


Of course, lots of other fantasies may turn one woman on and not others. One thing is sure though; women are continually establishing their position in the charged sexual world. Too much of 50 shades of grey cannot be poisonous. If you are a man, I’m sure you have realized some of these fantasies are not too different from your own.

8 Weirdest Porn Genres: Think You Can’t Be Shocked?

PornHub is the 75th most popular website in the world, according to Internet analytics company Alexa. The porn site outranks the New York Times, HBO and the Weather Channel in the amount of eyeballs it gets. 

While we can’t count on much in this world, we can count on porn to refect any weird sexual subgenre one can think of. Listed below are some of the strangest porn genres. 

1. Cumming-On-Figurines

If you asked me what this was, my answer would be, exactly what it sounds like. This genre of Internet porn has even earned its own subreddit, where users post images of figurines covered in their… seed. Some guys like to post a single photo. Some like to post a series. And others like to film their experiences. There’s kind of something for everyone here. Some guys get really creative and position their figurines in ways that allow them to better receive their owners. It can, admittedly, look a little freaky (imagine a human penis going after a 4-inch figurine). This genre has even gotten so popular that the subreddit cummingonamiibos was created. For those unfamiliar with the term, amiibos are plastic figurines of Nintendo’s most popular characters, like Mario and Toad. Needless to say, Princess Zelda and Peach tend to get a lot of attention on the thread. And it’s not only guys who are into this kink. One female Reddit user writes, “The more gifs I watched, the more excited I got. Days later, I was still browsing, masturbating furiously, and came up with a fantasy of being shrunk down to fit in a man’s palm and being COVERED…” We’ll let you fill in the rest of the sentence.  

2. Veggies

When it comes to the porn world, most things are fair game. Especially if they’re shaped like a phallus. It’s good news for production companies, but maybe not so much for your vegetable garden. Cucumbers, carrots, maybe the occasional eggplant – they’ve all made their way onto the porn stage. Earlier this month, Hustler Hollywood got creative and launched a #StopVegetableAbuse campaign in the hopes of getting women to stop “misusing” their vegetables and buy real sex toys instead (from Huster Hollywood stores, of course). Those who are familiar with the world of food porn (and no, I’m not talking about the kind you find documented on Instagram) may have heard of Figging. This practice started as a Victorian-era form of punishment but has since blossomed into a BDSM favorite. Those interested take an intact ginger root, remove the skin, and carve it into the shape of a butt plug. As AlterNet previously reported, “Once inserted, the ‘figger’ will feel an intense stinging/burning sensation, which for them, translates into sexual pleasure and arousal.”

3. Monster Porn

Also known as Kaiju porn. This genre lends itself to dinosaurs, Godzilla, dragons and demons. Sometimes the creatures sport genitalia that look fairly human. Other times, their bits look like something out of a bad science fiction flick. Either way, it seems they can all ejaculate. And the good thing is they don’t discriminate. There are male monsters, female monsters, male human conquests and female human conquests. There are even monster porn subgroups designed for the LGBTQ community. 

4. Giantess Fetish

This one celebrates everything big. And everything small. The giantess fetish is more formally known as macrophilia, a term first introduced by Samuel Ramses in “Introduction to Macrophilia.” While macrophiles (those attracted to the giants) can be male, female, homosexual or heterosexual, the overwhelming majority identify as heterosexual males. Gary Pranzo, owner of Media Impact LLC, owns around 50 websites dedicated to size fetishes. There, Pranzo dips a toe into a number of complementary kinks, like dominance and submission. And it works the other way, too. Microphiles are those whose sexual fantasies center on miniature-sized individuals. A microphile who goes by “Giantess Katelyn” explains on her site, “For me personally, the Giantess fetish is all about the power and size. Nothing gets me soaked faster than towering over a city as a Giantess, my feet so large they could take out entire car-packed streets at a time. It is truly the fetish of the Goddesses—it places the highest power and control possible in the woman’s hands.”

5. Cartoon

You might be thinking, “Oh, I know about anime” or “Yeah, what’s new about hentai?” But those two titles don’t exactly belong in this category. When you think about cartoon porn, think titles like “Nintendo Hotties” (yes, it’s a real porn; yes, Peach appears as you’ve never seen her before; and yes, the original Nintendo theme songs can be heard in the background). If you’re not interested in seeing some childhood favorites get defiled, you should probably steer clear of the genre. Remember the Disney hit Frozen? Yeah, well that got pornified. As did Scooby-Doo, Aladdin (who is in fact circumcised), Jessica Rabbit, Spiderman, Cinderella and more. PornHub has 42 different Family Guy-inspired porn videos. Turns out Lois is a big hit. In one video, she’s seen enjoying a lesbian encounter with Marge Simpson, who comes armed with a strap-on. All in all, it’s pretty weird. Those looking to explore more are invited to visit the site Cartoon Valley, which has one of the biggest collections of cartoon porn on the web.

6. Menstruation

The “menses.” Not exactly a popular choice with everyone, but those who look for it tend to love it, and we can’t fault them for having a particular taste. This genre is pretty self-explanatory, and documents something most of us have experienced in real life. Period sex isn’t for everyone, but before you dismiss it, it’s important to look at the details. During this time of the month, women’s hormones are raging and the possibility of pregnancy is reduced. Menstruation also provides additional lubrication and can help make penetration more comfortable. And asides from all that, having an orgasm seems like a prize way to relieve period cramps. When it comes to the actual porn, there’s a little bit of something for everyone. There’s good old-fashioned sex, closeups of used maxi pads and finger play. Some acts get a little messier. But we’ll let you decide if you want to research further.

7. Lactation Porn

PornHub reports that “milking” is one of the most commonly used adjectives people use when searching for the term “tits.” Lactation porn, also known as milk fetishism or lactophilia, might be more common than you think. It’s one of the most easily searchable genres of porn out there. In fact, I just finished watching a 9-minute compilation video titled “Lactating Big Tits.” Not many points for creativity there. Fans of lactation porn may find themselves in the ANR community, which stands for adult nursing relationship. Others may fall under the category of paraphilic infantilists, or guys who like being treated like babies. In Wood Rocket’s web series “Ask A Porn Star,” performer Allie Haze was asked about the “weirdest” scenes she ever shot. She described a shoot she did for a Japanese company: “They fly over all their male talent from Japan. They have a thing they enjoy I guess …they like to basically suck on your tits and call you ‘Mom.’”

8. Clown Porn

Definitely not everyone’s top choice. Especially those suffering from a crippling fear of clowns (it’s called coulrophobia and it’s actually more common than you’d think). These videos tend to vary. Some are nothing more than two people going at it with painted faces. Others are more elaborate. The 16-minute video “Clown Porn Kelly” is set up like a mock version of “The Dating Game,” but instead of handsome bachelors, you get clowns, and instead of a date, you get a blowjob (or more). In this case, the contestants go by names like “Chibbles” and “Jizzy.” And yes, they do have red noses. There’s even a segment titled “Mime Time.” Other videos employ some classic clowning props (rubber chicken, bowling pins, etc.). There are a lot of things we can say about this genre. But one thing is for sure. Seeing a man receive oral sex with an exaggerated, red smile painted on is a hard image to erase.

The Most Common Fetishes of Internet Porn Viewers

The Internet is flooded with porn websites featuring a variety of weird (and wild) types of sexual fetishism. Each category in a porn website looks to stimulate the imagination of its viewers by depicting scenes that cater to the audience’s sexual fantasies and (sometimes sick) desires. The variety of fetishes internet porn consumers have resulted in a whole new vocabulary, which full of abbreviations and made up words that are now collectively accepted to describe a specific fetish by the adult community. In this article, we try to explain what those weird terms in porn website categories all mean.

MILF (Acronym)

MILF stand for “Mother I’d Like to Fuck”. Milf videos usually feature more mature and experienced women who are still attractive to a younger audience.


This category involves a man watching as his wife has sex with someone else. Such a man is called a cuckolded husband.


Hentai refers to a Japanese cartoon style similar to “anime”. The hentai porn category usually includes women with extra appealing bodies and strange hairstyles, whereas the men possess huge penises and other physical attributes.


A Gang Bang porn scene involves several men engaging in sexual acts with a single woman

Reverse gang-bang

Scenes where multiple women have sex with a single man.


Shemale porn features a sexual activity involving a transwoman having male genitalia plus secondary female sex characteristics such as breasts.


POV or point-of-view porn is filmed from the perspective of a participant in the sexual act, instead of the traditional typical shooting style.


Fisting involves the insertion of a complete hand into someone’s anus or vagina. Vaginal fisting usually pictures the female cervix immediately after removing the fist from the vagina.


Such porn showcases videos or pictures of several male ejaculation moments.


Creampie porn films ejaculation inside the vagina, rectum or mouth or rectum, followed by the semen seeping or dripping from the target.


It features black actors and is also known as black porn. The category is sub-divided into African, African-American or Caribbean porn.


This category usually features a woman getting ejaculated on the face by several men or women.


Porn that features sexual acts combining the use of physical restrains such as ropes, ligatures etc.

Double penetration

It includes anal and vaginal penetration performed at the same time.


It depicts scenes involving BDSM having a woman as the dominant partner. You can commonly see chastity cage in this kind of fetish. It involves magically preventing orgasm through chastity, the slave is in the mercy of the dominatrix.


It is porn that features the performer being infatuated with a specific body part such as feet or breasts.


Scissoring involves two women on their backs facing each other with legs intertwined, whereas tribbing is more about grinding vulvas together.


Porn made by amateurs or professionally made porn made in a manner to give the impression of being amateur. It may also include porn that involves amateur actors. Live amateur porn is prevalent on webcam sex sites where anybody with a webcam can broadcast their sexual activities.


Bareback pornography involves actors who are not wearing condoms.


This category features oral stimulation of a man’s penis such as sucking or licking.

Reality porn

Porn that involves a story than just plain sex. Usually, the women are paid actresses but the outdoor sections are not filmed in closed sets and real civilians are featured in the background.


It depicts a performer taking another man’s penis into the throat through the mouth.

Ex Girlfriend

Also known as revenge porn and girlfriend revenge porn, it usually involves nonconsensual porn, usually distributed or uploaded on the Internet by a sexual partner in order to humiliate the person filmed.


FFM is a genre of pornography that usually features one man involved in sexual activity with two women together.


A genre of porn depicting a threesome, typically two men and one woman.


Voyeur porn features people engaged in sexual activity or intimate behaviors captured secretly.

BDSM (acronym)

BDSM stands Bondage, Discipline, Sadism and Masochism. BDSM scenes typically depict erotic acts involving submission, dominance, bondage and/or role playing. The best seller book series (and now blockbuster movie) Fifty Shades of Gray, narrates the life of a BDSM millionaire.


This category is similar to MILF, but it features a mature woman sexually dominating a younger man.

Bubble Butt

It depicts women with big butts and usually focuses on their hips and anus.


This category of porn features more than one couple engaging in sexual activities by swapping partners with each other.

BBC (acronym)

BBC stands for Big Black Cock. BBC Porn shows sexual activity performed by a black man or someone who appears to be black having an enormous penis.


Porn that features a performer allowing ejaculation into the mouth and proceeding to swallow the loads. Usually, the swallower is a woman.


It is a porn genre that depicts a woman wearing a strap-on dildo and penetrating a man with the same.


Porn that sports the participants wearing costumes and accessories that represent a particular idea or character is called as cosplay porn.


A genre of porn that features pictures of the female genitals getting stimulated with the tongue or lips.


Anilingus porn depicts the performers involved in sexual stimulation of the anus by the tongue or mouth.


Porn featuring performers using a dildo or a sex toy for a sexual activity or penetration. It may involve masturbation as well as two or more sex partners.


Gonzo porn refers to a style of film making that features the perspective of a camera operator or performer.


Preggo is a category of porn that sports pregnant women involved in sexual acts, sometimes emphasizing on erotic lactation.


A typical public porn film features actors or performers engaged in sexual acts at public places such as streets, parks, buses, trains, malls etc.


Films or pictures depicting a perfomer licking or sucking someone’s anus for sexual stimulation fall under the category of rimming pornography.


Pornography sporting female ejaculations that shoot out of the vagina quite forcefully.

BBW (acronym)

BBW or Big Beautiful Woman porn actually features an overweight women who are chubby yet sexually appealing.


Cowgirl porn features actors involved in sexual intercourse where the woman takes the cowgirl position and sits astride the man.


Cameltoe refers to the outline of a woman’s labia that is formed when she wears tight fitted clothes. Cameltoe porn sports women with a labia or clitoris quite large in size.

CFML (acronym)

CFML stand for Clothed female naked male. This genre of porn features naked men and dressed women, wherein the women usually abuse the men or perform blow jobs on them.


Spanking porn depicts whipping or spanking, mostly of the buttocks or breasts with hands or objects such as brushes, whips, belts, switches and paples.


Porn featuring performers having sex for elongated time periods. It usually sports a sexual intercourse lasting for hours as tantric sex aims at uniting two individuals at a deeper level.

Fantasy-Themed sex accessories that might be suitable for your kinks

Are you looking to get kinky in your bedroom or dungeon, but you’re bored with all of the standard types of sex toys out there? What if you want to penetrate your partner’s holes with something that’s truly out of this world? If you want to blast your ass with a merman’s dick or wear a puppy hood to be a good little doggie for your mistress, check out the best fantasy sex toys and accessories for your wildest kinks! 

Tentacle Dildos

Tentacle dildos are some of the best fantasy sex toys of all time. They are available in many different designs, colors, and sizes. Still, they share one thing in common: they look like slimy tentacles! 


From average to extra large, tentacle dildos will work wonders for all sorts of otherworldly kinks. That includes role-play, hentai, BDSM, and so on. Moreover, tentacle dildos have an unusual tapered and curvy shape that feels great during anal or vaginal penetration. 


They also have unique octopus-like grippers, crevices, and textures along their shafts for the ultimate strange-but-good sensations! And that’s not only awesome for penetration. You can use the shape and design of these dildos to get off visually or even caress or tease your erogenous zones. Our best tip here is to pick the shape and size that gets you off the most. Also, you try to get an octopus dildo with a suction cup for intense hands-free fun! 

Fox Tail Butt Plugs

Fox tail butt plugs will give you a nice shiny anal plug to play with, but you’ll also get a long and furry fox tail that sticks out once you insert your toy. These little things pack a huge punch when you push them inside! You can use them for all sorts of pet play, role-play, and rough sex. Just pop one in your butt and unleash your wild side! 


Besides looking ultra-sexy, fox tail plugs will give you more options compared to standard anal plugs. The trick is to make your role-play as real as possible. Then, experiment with the tail during masturbation or sex. 


For example, you can pull on the tail or use the tip to tease and tickle your partner. Why not set aside a bowl of milk and dunk your little fox’s head in while banging her raw? Now, if you want that classic fox look, check out some brown or red shades. But, if you want something with an even bigger fantasy element, pick a rainbow or neon-colored tail.

Merman Dildos

Large merman dildos are the perfect choice for deep-sea dicking! These vaginal and anal dildos are similar to tentacle toys, although they look like a merman’s dick. Merman dildos have a nautical theme. They’re available in all sorts of deep blue, green, or purple colors. 


These are some of the most versatile fantasy dildos out there! Most of them have unique textures, ribs, and swirls that will drive you wild! So definitely look into these toys if you’re fascinated with mermaids or mermen, or you simply want a humongous dildo that looks extraordinary and even a little weird. 


The best tip for these toys is to use plenty of water-based lube. Just get your merman dildo as wet as possible and take a deep dive to experience waves of intense pleasure! 

Puppy Hoods

Do you want to be a good little puppy? Or do you want to behave like a nasty little critter to get punished by your master? 


Well, puppy hoods could be just the thing you’re looking for. These BDSM accessories will make you look like an innocent puppy. They’re usually made of body-safe spandex, neoprene, or leather. You can use them for all kinds of human puppy play, canine dressage, or other BDSM kinks. You’ll get all sorts of elements that will make you resemble a puppy. That includes a pair of ears, dog-like openings for your eyes, and an adorable muzzle. 


Plus, if you want to make the most out of your pet play sessions with your puppy hood, it’s not a bad idea to order some extra accessories. That could include a leash and collar, puppy mitts, or even a dog tail butt plug. 

Ogre-Inspired Masturbators

What if you want to bust a nut inside a big bad troll and live to tell the tale? Ogre masturbators will make all other masturbators or pocket pussies look weak in comparison!


These special masturbators are not designed to mimic the look and feel of human anatomy. Instead, you’ll get something that looks very much like an ogre’s tight and slimy booty. 


Some of these masturbators will give you an incredibly bizarre-looking hole to play with, complete with scales, bumps, and kinky ogre horns. Most of them have one opening, but you can also find ogre masturbators with a dual opening. If ogres are not all that sexy to you, you can choose other fantasy sleeves shaped like dragons, basilisks, aliens, etc. 

How Do These Sex Toys Change Your Experience?

Not everyone is into fantasy kinks and sex toys that go along with them. However, if you’re kinky and you want to experiment, some of these toys could be a dream come true for you! Obviously, you won’t be able to copulate with ogres or trolls in real life, and that’s exactly why fantasy sex toys are all about! 


You can find almost any sex toy to make your fantasy kinks come true, whether it’s a giant tentacle dildo, a puppy hood, or a naughty little fox tail butt plug! Sex toys for fantasies can give you an entirely unique experience that you won’t be able to get with vanilla sex. What’s more, they look and feel a lot different compared to standard sex toys. 


So which of those sex toys would you choose? If you’re solo, you can get as many of them as possible and experiment to find the hottest fantasy toy for huge orgasms! Plus, if you want to use your toy with your partner, you should talk to them to see what kinds of fantasy fetishes they’d like to explore and then find the best sex toy for that! Now, get your freak on!

How to Tell Your Partner About Your Sexual Fantasies

People have different kinks. Some might be into feet, long hair, role-playing, or anything else. But sometimes, it can be challenging to share your fantasies with your partner. It is normal to be scared of their reaction. We all want our partners to accept us for who we are, and that includes our kinks.


Let’s talk about how you can bring up the topic and start talking about sexual fantasies. Hopefully, you will learn that you are already on the same page.

Test the Waters

The only way to start talking about sexual fantasies is to start slow. If this is important to you, there is no reason to rush it, and the last thing you need is to scare your partner. Based on your kink, the safest option is to test the waters by casually mentioning it in conversation.


Ask for their opinion and whether they would be willing to discuss it further. We fully understand how scary it can be to start talking about your fantasies, especially if you don’t know how your partner will react. But the only way to make a difference and start discussing the subject with them is to actually talk. Sharing fantasies with your partner is important, regardless of whether you are in a long-term relationship or not.

Just remember not to be pushy and start small. Hopefully, they will understand how you feel, and they will be comfortable trying new things with you.

Focus on Themes, Not Details

Once you start talking about fantasies and kinks, you don’t need to go into detail. It is important to start the conversation, and as soon as you bring up the topic, you will feel a lot better. Hopefully, your partner will be willing to discuss it further.


The easiest way to start talking about this is to ask your partner what turns them on the most. Naturally, you will get a chance to talk about how you feel and what makes you tick. The only thing you need to remember is to leave all the details for later. There is no need to go through every single bit at once. You don’t want to scare them away.

Talk About Core Erotic Feelings

One of the best relationship tips we can give you is to talk to your partner about feelings. Try explaining to them how your kink makes you feel and what kind of emotions you go through thinking about it.


Once you tell your partner how this fantasy makes you feel, they will be more likely to agree to try something new and different. The reasoning behind it is obvious — your partner will get a better understanding of how important it is to you.


Some fetishes can be quite extreme, while others are benign and harmless. In both cases, it’s never easy to talk about something as personal as fetishes, and the best idea is to be honest and tell them everything.

We recommend you start slow and build your way up. You don’t need to be direct and bury them in countless details and potentially scary scenarios. So take it slow and see how they feel about it.

Don’t Yuck Their Yum

One of the most important things when sharing fantasies with your partner is respect. They might tell you something that you’re not really into. It might be weird, unattractive, or unusual. But regardless of what they tell you, you need to be respectful.


The last thing your partner needs to hear after sharing something personal is kink-shaming. It is essential that you validate their fantasy and show them that you care. Tell them how excited you are, talk about how that makes you feel, and most importantly, explain how honored you are that they shared something as private with you.


You can also let them talk more about it. Ideally, they will explain why that specific sexual activity turns them on. What is so exciting about it? There are so many things you can learn about your significant other, even if you don’t share the same fantasy or kink.

Get Consent

Now that we’ve talked about understanding and respect, we should mention that you should never do something that you don’t want to do. It is as simple as that. Consent is the most important part when it comes to sex and sharing fantasies, and if your partner wants something that you don’t like, you are allowed to say no.


The rule works both ways. Never try to force your partner to try something just because you want it. It is selfish, and it can cause a plethora of problems for your relationship.

So when you share your fantasy, always ask them if they would like to try it. Just because they were accepting and understanding it doesn’t automatically mean they would be willing to try it. Think about your partner’s feelings, and always ask for consent.

Know It’s Okay to Be ‘Vanilla’

There are so many fetishes out there, and everyone seems to be into something different and wild. But not having a fetish isn’t a bad thing. People always talk about ways to spice things up, and not everyone requires that.


You could be in a perfect relationship and both you and your partner can be the happiest people in the world even if you always do it in a missionary position. You should do what makes you and your partner happy.


People often forget that being vanilla is perfectly fine as long as it works for both of you. So don’t try to force anything just because 50 Shades of Grey is so popular. If you don’t need whips, chains, and anal beads, that’s fine. You do you. As long as you are happy, that’s the best possible choice.

Jade Yoni Eggs vs Normal Yoni Eggs |What’s The Difference?

Get started with the Jade yoni eggs, cones and other tools that help you with your pelvic floor exercises! On this article you will find an overview of the various possibilities that are available to experiment with. The descriptions are consistent with the main differences and benefits of jade yoni eggs offer.

Mail & Female wishes you a lot of fun with your choice and if you have any questions you can always long, call, email and chat. We find it very nice to advise you because every woman and man is different and we prefer to see everyone happy! But what makes one person a great sensation leaves the other indifferent. For example, if you are a 50-year-old woman, you have not given birth and do yoga with yoni eggs; your condition is different from a woman of the same age, with children and without a sporting existence. You notice the condition of your pelvic floor muscles when you cannot stop your pee with sneezing or laughing. It is obvious that the muscles are weakened and you can best start with not too heavy balls. In all other cases it is often a question of taste, budget and the degree of desired challenge. If you click on the pictures shown here, you can go straight to the products where you can also place your order.

Duo and some Jade yoni eggs

Just want to start somewhere and try something out and do not spend a lot of money? Then choose one of these Ben Wa silicone balls to start with. They are hollow balls, wrapped in a layer of silicone with a weight inside. They are available in single and double versions.

The variation on this theme is the greatest. The jade Yoni Eggs wear comfortably and are very pleasant due to the stimulating tapping that they exert against the vaginal wall. Especially during sports and dancing they will help you to use your muscles: tension & relax. The variants differ in size and weight. A single ball is lighter and great to start with. The Fun Factory brings out the Uno and the Duo. With the Ben-Wa balls from LELO: Luna Noir you can choose whether you use 1 or 2 balls. Two ben-wa balls do not necessarily have to be too heavy for you. The nice thing about 2 balls is that the effect of the moving balls is more tangible.

Ben Wa construction – balls

Another example of the ball concept is the Luna Beads from LELO. This set consists of four separate balls, of different weight. You can make your own combi, from one ball. The silicone mount is the casing in which you can do the balls. To apply depending on your personal situation and preference, make your exercise tool as heavy as you want. The experts also has such a constructed set; the Pussy Play Balls. These balls also vary in weight but are solid. So there are no moving balls, like the Luna Beads. Both sets are fun and smart designs to play with and vary.

The original Geisha balls

The Japanese geisha can use her vaginal muscles to let these balls roll, dance and move in her yoni (vagina). That is anatomically possible because there are all kinds of muscles running in different directions in the vagina. It is a bit far to devote to this, but it is certainly interesting! Of course it belongs to the knowledge of our body and little by little we illuminate the veils about our ‘mysteries’. As far as the geishas we are not yet. Does it seem exciting to play with the geisha balls? In this beautiful box there are 2 gold colored geisha balls. They are made of solid metal. They are rather small and heavy balls and therefore difficulty level high. It may be difficult for you to keep them inside. Make sure that they cannot be damaged by dropping them on a hard surface, damaging the gold layer. Before you use them, always make sure that they are completely smooth and sound. The geisha balls from Blooming are bigger and therefore easier to hold with your muscles and they have a silicone layer.

Yoni egg of gemstone

If you are interested in the tantric love art, you can opt for Tantra eggs of solid gemstone. The property of the stone contributes to your well-being and varies in significance. The jade-egg is the best known. Mail & Female has 4 types: jade, rock crystal, pink quartz and jasper. The exercises with these tantra or yoni eggs are based on the Tantric & Taoist love doctrine, and encompass your whole being: body, heart and mind. The eggs are a recommendation for women who are interested in the theory of this love doctrine and want to practice in it.

Every woman of any age can start working with a tantra egg. You can work with this egg in every possible way. They have a string that you can easily remove. If they are too heavy for you, start the exercise. Exercises with the yoni egg can be found at the online sites.

Dumbbells & Dildos

Experimenting with something other than jade yoni eggs or tantra eggs can be done with these heavier weights, for example in the form of a dumbbell. Such a nice, streamlined dildo of surgical steel -like the depicted Pure Wand is also very suitable for vaginal muscle exercises. But also dildos made of natural stone or glass can be fine exercise instruments. You can also combine this well with the sexual game, focused on pleasure for example, to stimulate the G-spot. You use these products lying down. You put the dumbbell or dildo in and you support it with your hands. Then you try to lift the dumbbell with your muscles. It is similar to what you do with your arm muscles with a dumbbell in a gym. These are beautiful exercise tools for women who like to combine her exercise with a sexual game. Men can also apply this principle of practice anally with these dildos.

Men and pelvic floor muscle exercise tools

There is not much attention for it, but men also have pelvic floor muscles. For men, a good condition of the pelvic floor muscles is important to maintain good control over his erection and ejaculation.

Can You Use Sex Toys During Pregnancy?

During pregnancy, many couples have questions of an intimate nature, which previously, in general, would not have been sewn into their heads. It is worth seeing two long-awaited strips on the test, how doubts immediately arise: is it possible, how much, how is it safe? And what is most interesting, often fear more men.

If the future mother has no medical contraindications, what’s the point of limiting yourself to pleasure? Still the question comes Are sex toys safe during pregnancy? In principle no: Another thing is that pleasures can be different and each one has their own ideas, fantasies and needs. A lot of controversy is the topic of sex toys, so I wanted to sort out the issue and finally clarify the situation.

Features of sex during pregnancy


First, you need to remember some points that should be taken into account for pregnant women about intimacy:

  • If a woman’s pregnancy is not burdened by toxicosis or health problems, her sexual desire may increase significantly. Some pregnant women claim that in the second trimester, their libido simply goes off scale. When some men are very happy, others even scare;
  • Since the blood flow to the pelvis in a woman increases, the sensitivity of the intimate areas also becomes higher, so the orgasm during pregnancy may well become a more frequent and easily achieved phenomenon;
  • Intimate intimacy during pregnancy is a completely natural and necessary process, in the absence of contraindications;
  • With the threat of abortion , discomfort and bleedingduring sex, intimacy must be abandoned and consult a doctor; Or instead of doing vaginal play, just opt for anal play. There are many anal sex toys out there. There are even butt plugs astronauts bring to Mars, known as intergalactic butt plug. You have a wide range of selection for it.
  • If the doctor has categorically banned sexual acts, then his opinion should be heeded, since the reason for the ban can be the threat of miscarriage (including miscarriages in the past), the likelihood of premature birth, periodic bleeding.

In general, if health allows, and, most importantly, there is a mutual desire of two loving people, then no reason to refuse to practice love. Just what aids can you use? What to allow and what to limit, let’s see!


Some couples while having sex are accustomed to using such aids as lubricants, lubricants. It is believed that they are needed only by women, although this is far from the case. In fact, lubricants help to feel the full charm of sensations to the full, make intercourse more vivid for two partners. Lubricants have stimulating properties, increase attraction and even prolong sexual intercourse. You can use them during pregnancy. The only thing you need to carefully read the composition, use only proven tools that have not previously caused discomfort in the form of: burning, itching, irritation and other symptoms. Of course, when choosing a lubricant, you should consult with the doctor who you are observing. Do not use any exotic, for example, lubricant with chili pepper or a pronounced flavoring.

You can try without auxiliary lubrication. The fact is that all of the above positive properties, which give the lubricant, give the body during pregnancy. The hormonal background changes so much that the sensitivity and excitability of a woman is greatly increased. Yes, and natural lubrication, as a rule, is produced quite a lot, compared to the “before the pregnant” period.


Dildos, vibrators, vaginal balls – all this is dangerous to use. Firstly, mechanical vibrations are significantly different from natural vibrations, which affect the cervix and can lead to bleeding. Secondly, there is a chance of infection.

But, due to the fact that during pregnancy not only physiological, but also strong emotional changes occur, an irresistible desire to use something unusual to satisfy sexual desires and erotic fantasies may well arise. Then safer options come to the rescue. Find different vibrators at

Vibrators for outdoor stimulation

Clitoris stimulants for outdoor use will not cause any harm to a healthy woman during normal pregnancy. There is a big choice on the modern market. External vibrators are used as an aid during sexual intercourse, thereby enhancing the pleasure and contribute to achieving orgasm. Also used in the absence of a partner, for example, if the spouse is on a business trip, and hormones are playing.

Vibrators for outdoor stimulation

Of course, it is not worth getting used to such a thing, even because the main threat is an external vibrator for a man. And this threat is a simple question; can a spouse satisfy his beloved without a mechanical stimulator?

Well, seriously, when using stimulants, one should not abuse the speed of vibration. For a start, it is advisable to try the vibrator for a short time and at low speed.

Erotic lingerie

If all this did not convince you and you still doubt, are afraid to use permitted sex toys, then why not diversify your love life with erotic underwear from the sex shop? Many women are complex to wear something like that, mistakenly believing that during pregnancy they become not sexy and stop attracting and exciting men. Lovely women, this idea live only in your head. During pregnancy, we are good and sexy as ever. We continue to attract and excite their spouses. Most men do not notice small stretch marks at all.Moreover, almost any complex can be presented as a virtue. Feel free to go to the store and choose your erotic lingerie, which will emphasize all the best that is in your body.

What is important to consider when choosing:

Underwear should fit the size; it should not squeeze or overtighten the body, disrupting the blood circulation in your body;

Only high quality fabrics and accessories.

Here, an ordinary photo camera can be an auxiliary sex toy, with which you can hold an erotic photo session in new revealing lingerie.

Vibration panties

Do not confuse erotic underwear with vibro-pants. This is a great thing to enjoy and achieve multiple orgasms, but for pregnant women, such panties are extremely dangerous to use. They give impulses that increase blood circulation in the pelvic area. The consequences of such a vibration are difficult to predict, but they can be very sad. In the later periods it is the threat of premature birth, as well as the likelihood of such a severe complication as placental abruption. Therefore, with such experiments it is better to wait a couple of three months.

Anal stimulants

Although the harm of anal sex during pregnancy is a rather controversial issue and experts are not unanimous in this opinion, yet most of them are inclined to believe that it can cause great harm to a woman, due to physiological changes in her body during pregnancy. Due to the increased load on the body, the likelihood of bleeding increases, as well as the development of hemorrhoids. If they already exist, the risk of damage becomes higher. Therefore, judge for yourself whether it is worth resorting to anal stimulants or not. If you still have the courage to use them, then follow the rules of hygiene. Wash stimulants and do not use them for vaginal comfort, because you are more likely to carry an intestinal infection that is difficult to treat.

Why Do We Have To Practice Proper Latex Usage?

In order to facilitate your choice of acquisition of your next bedding, we have drawn the points of comparison between clothes made of synthetic latex and clothes 100% natural latex. At Come, concerned about the ecological issue, we decided to design healthy clothes based on 100% natural latex providing high quality comfort. It is obviously possible to sleep properly on other technologies such as foam, springs or synthetic latex. Here are the major differences between latex and 100% natural latex:

Composition and origin of materials

The 100% natural latex extracted in liquid form comes from a tree: the rubber tree. To obtain the name 100% natural, the latex must be composed of 85% natural latex. At Come, our latex contains more than 95% pure rubber tree milk. From plant origin, our 100% natural latex has 7 comfort zones, one for each part of your body to keep your spine straight. Ecological, the 100% natural latex comes directly from the rubber tree. The quality of the 100% natural latex is measured by its percentage of pure rubber tree milk, its density and its comfort zones. At Come, our latex contains more than 95% pure rubber milk and offers a density of 75-85 kg / m² depending on the parts of your body to maintain. For the Difference between natural and synthetic latex this is important.

Synthetic latex contains only a tiny part of 100% natural latex (about 20%). Appellations are sometimes misleading: “100% latex” or “natural latex”. Indeed, the clothes with these names are made of synthetic latex, so it is important to look at the percentage of natural latex and certifications. A natural or organic clothes is certified by the name “100% natural latex” Latex that is not certified 100% natural contain between 0 and 25% of pure rubber tree milk, the rest is made of chemicals whose polyurethane, directly derived from oil. A manufacture therefore, mainly chemical, allowing to vary the quality of one latex to another and thus reduce the costs. Finally, the lower the percentage of natural latex, the less comfortable, elastic, airy and resistant your clothes will be.

Come latex is certified 100% natural

Only 30% of the synthetic latex is of natural origin. Beware of deceptive calls.

Heat regulation

The 100% natural latex like that from is made up of millions of micro bubbles of air allowing the clothes to breathe continuously. In addition, it has hundreds of cells distributed over its entire surface to regulate the temperature in the entire cloth.

100% natural latex is the ideal solution for heat sensitive sleepers. Thanks to its natural composition, your clothes breathe from the inside and allowevacuating all surplus moisture to guarantee a dry bed all year long.

Synthetic latex does not have the same heat regulation capabilities because it consists of less than 20% pure rubber tree milk. Indeed, the remaining 80% or more are chemicals such as polyurethane found in the foam. Thus, the synthetic latex has the same disadvantages as the foam. Its composition does not allow your clothes to breathe, on the contrary, moisture will remain stored inside your bed does not evacuate excess sweat. In addition, opt for synthetic latex can therefore release bad odors.

  • The heat is perfectly regulated with natural latex
  • Heat is less well managed with synthetic latex


100% natural latex is the technology that achieves the best longevity results. Indeed, it loses only 5% of its elasticity after 10 years of daily use. It is for this reason that at Come, we guarantee the completeness of our natural clothes during 10 years. Indeed, the life of 100% natural latex clothes is about 15 years.

The synthetic latex is composed of less than 20% pure rubber tree milk and therefore has disadvantages similar to those of the foam (chemicals, longevity). Indeed, the 80% or more of chemicals to design the synthetic latex offer excellent comfort during the first years but very quickly, after 5 or 7 years, the chemicals are no longer effective and your clothes collapses. As for the foam, it is difficult to give a generality for the life of synthetic latex clothes but many customer reviews show this longevity dissatisfaction.

  • Natural latex can be kept almost 15 years
  • The life of the synthetic latex is limited


The 100% natural latex has excellent elastic capacities. Indeed, when you lie on clothes100% natural latex, it will take the shape of your body while maintaining your body and your spine ideally. Once raised, your clothes will return to its original shape, it is the resilience of the cloth. After 10 years, the 100% natural latex is able to take back 95% of its initial form, so you will never feel a bowl effect under your body.

Synthetic latex also has a very good resilience. Indeed, its tiny part of 100% natural latex combined with chemicals allows the clothes to return to its original shape after each use. The only difference will lie in the duration. A clothes synthetic latex can resume its original shape for 5 years on average (against 10 to 15 for a latex clothes 100% natural), and then its ability resilience will degrade over time.

The term “latex” applies only to the “soul” of the cloth, that is to say the layer covering the suspension system.

To be called “100% latex”:

  • The soul of the cloth must be made of latex only.
  • It must be at least 10 cm thick, made entirely of latex.
  • The soul must represent at least 60% of the total thickness.

For a cloth and bedding at the top, follow the guide:

  • Choosing a good cloth is good, keeping it in good condition is better! All the steps to properly maintain your cloth on our dedicated practice sheet.
  • You are still unsure about the type of suspension of your future cloth: springs, foam, latex, etc.? Find our comparative suspension of cloth to help you choose.

 Your bedding needs a facelift but you cannot change it? Start by removing all stains from the cloth with our tip!

These Are The Most Popular Porn Searches For Women, And We Watch A Lot More Lesbian, Gay Male, And Threesome Porn Than Men

Thank god I’m not the only one. Pornhub and Buzzfeed have collaborated on a study of porn preferences, and it turns out, women are watching a lot of it, and exactly what we’re watching is pretty interesting. The most popular porn for women is lesbian porn . This doesn’t surprise me— as someone who likes sex with men and women I like watching both types of porn, but even some of my most arrow-y straight female friends have told me they prefer lesbian porn to straight. Women are 132 percent more likely to search for lesbian scenes than men.

What did surprise me was that the next most popular was for gay male porn. That’s right, “according to the data, women searching for sexually explicit videos on line most want to watch two women engaged in sex — but other than that, they most want to see two men having sex.” So girl-on-girl and boy-on boy-ranked highest for female viewers.

Even more interesting than who is having sex, but how. Inquisitor reports: “Women also show a strong preference for sado-maschistic adult video viewing, with the terms ‘rough sex‘ and ‘bondage‘ both appearing in the top 16 search terms for women, but not for men.” I’m not shocked that these are popular search topics for women, but I wouldn’t have guessed that it was that much more popular for women than for men.

The top three searches for men include ‘Teen’, ‘MILF’ and ‘Mom’. But there was some common ground between the sexes’ preferences: Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus ranked in the top 20 for each list, reports Metro.

Females were also way more likely to search for threesome and group sex. In fact “women searched for the category ‘Gangbang‘ 80 percent more often than men, and the term ‘Threesome’ 75 percent more often.”

This isn’t news to Erika Lust, creator of the feminist porn movement, who has been crowdsourcing and asking women to come up with porn ideas in her latest project, XConfession. Salon reports “At XConfessions, Lust has a unique vantage point into what women find sexy, and is both shaping and being shaped by these ideas. The most popular themes are infidelity, group sex and ‘the third person,’ where a partner invites others to enjoy their significant other.” Lust uses these ideas when making her porn, which manages to have a feminist slant without being overly romantic.

She tells Salon “Just because I am making female-led porn with a feminist mindset doesn’t mean that all the sex has to be white satin sheets and roses. Women like the sex just as dirty as men.” Amen to that, sister.

What are the most viewed porn categories

You will find plenty of porn website where you will able to find thousands of porn categories. One can choose the porn according to their choice. According to the professionals, Tee, MILF, and lesbian are the most popular categories in America. Most of the porn websites are reporting that girls prefer lesbian and big boob’s videos over other ones. Therefore, you must choose the best porn that will satisfy your sexual needs. You should opt for the best website where you can find these high-end videos. One must lookout Website dedicated to fairy tale porn and teen porn as well.

Moreover, you must choose the best category that will give you enough relaxation to your body. With this article, we have listed the most viewed porn categories.

  • Mom

It has become one of the most popular categories on the porn website. After visiting such category, you will able to find thousands of porn that are related to the mature women’s. In this section, you will able to find the mature women with big boobs. According to professionals, it is one of the best categories that will satisfy your needs. However, if you want, then you must check the other categories on the porn websites.

  • Lesbian

Most of the girls prefer such porn. There are thousands of websites that are providing lesbian porn. You can choose porn according to your requirements. In this section, you will find two or three girls. Most of the videos are completely depends on the romance and sucking only. Make sure that you are choosing the best website where you will get the best lesbian video.

  • Teen porn

In this section, you will find teen girls sex video. Therefore, you must opt for the teen porn section where you can get different videos of the teen. You should make the use of Filter option where you have to put choose the category of porn, timing and other important things as well. According to professionals, it has become third most watched porn category on the website.

  • Sex toys

Nowadays, most of the girls are doing masturbation with sex toys. Therefore, you will find plenty of videos on the sex toys. Most of the girls are satisfying the sexual needs with sex toys. If you haven’t much knowledge about sex toys, then you must watch these videos on the porn website. However, you should choose the best Website dedicated to fairy tale porn. Make sure that you are choosing the best category.

  • Cartoon porn

Nowadays, you can find cartoon porn on many websites. They are delivering porn in every cartoon. Therefore, if you are looking for any best porn, then you should watch cartoon porn. Before searching any porn, you should make the use of filter option.

Ultimately, these are the most popular categories that will give you enough enjoyment. You can download any type of porn that you want. However, one can download the Fairytale porn from any website.