Can You Use Sex Toys During Pregnancy?

During pregnancy, many couples have questions of an intimate nature, which previously, in general, would not have been sewn into their heads. It is worth seeing two long-awaited strips on the test, how doubts immediately arise: is it possible, how much, how is it safe? And what is most interesting, often fear more men.

If the future mother has no medical contraindications, what’s the point of limiting yourself to pleasure? Still the question comes Are sex toys safe during pregnancy? In principle no: Another thing is that pleasures can be different and each one has their own ideas, fantasies and needs. A lot of controversy is the topic of sex toys, so I wanted to sort out the issue and finally clarify the situation.

Features of sex during pregnancy


First, you need to remember some points that should be taken into account for pregnant women about intimacy:

  • If a woman’s pregnancy is not burdened by toxicosis or health problems, her sexual desire may increase significantly. Some pregnant women claim that in the second trimester, their libido simply goes off scale. When some men are very happy, others even scare;
  • Since the blood flow to the pelvis in a woman increases, the sensitivity of the intimate areas also becomes higher, so the orgasm during pregnancy may well become a more frequent and easily achieved phenomenon;
  • Intimate intimacy during pregnancy is a completely natural and necessary process, in the absence of contraindications;
  • With the threat of abortion , discomfort and bleedingduring sex, intimacy must be abandoned and consult a doctor; Or instead of doing vaginal play, just opt for anal play. There are many anal sex toys out there. There are even butt plugs astronauts bring to Mars, known as intergalactic butt plug. You have a wide range of selection for it.
  • If the doctor has categorically banned sexual acts, then his opinion should be heeded, since the reason for the ban can be the threat of miscarriage (including miscarriages in the past), the likelihood of premature birth, periodic bleeding.

In general, if health allows, and, most importantly, there is a mutual desire of two loving people, then no reason to refuse to practice love. Just what aids can you use? What to allow and what to limit, let’s see!


Some couples while having sex are accustomed to using such aids as lubricants, lubricants. It is believed that they are needed only by women, although this is far from the case. In fact, lubricants help to feel the full charm of sensations to the full, make intercourse more vivid for two partners. Lubricants have stimulating properties, increase attraction and even prolong sexual intercourse. You can use them during pregnancy. The only thing you need to carefully read the composition, use only proven tools that have not previously caused discomfort in the form of: burning, itching, irritation and other symptoms. Of course, when choosing a lubricant, you should consult with the doctor who you are observing. Do not use any exotic, for example, lubricant with chili pepper or a pronounced flavoring.

You can try without auxiliary lubrication. The fact is that all of the above positive properties, which give the lubricant, give the body during pregnancy. The hormonal background changes so much that the sensitivity and excitability of a woman is greatly increased. Yes, and natural lubrication, as a rule, is produced quite a lot, compared to the “before the pregnant” period.


Dildos, vibrators, vaginal balls – all this is dangerous to use. Firstly, mechanical vibrations are significantly different from natural vibrations, which affect the cervix and can lead to bleeding. Secondly, there is a chance of infection.

But, due to the fact that during pregnancy not only physiological, but also strong emotional changes occur, an irresistible desire to use something unusual to satisfy sexual desires and erotic fantasies may well arise. Then safer options come to the rescue. Find different vibrators at

Vibrators for outdoor stimulation

Clitoris stimulants for outdoor use will not cause any harm to a healthy woman during normal pregnancy. There is a big choice on the modern market. External vibrators are used as an aid during sexual intercourse, thereby enhancing the pleasure and contribute to achieving orgasm. Also used in the absence of a partner, for example, if the spouse is on a business trip, and hormones are playing.

Vibrators for outdoor stimulation

Of course, it is not worth getting used to such a thing, even because the main threat is an external vibrator for a man. And this threat is a simple question; can a spouse satisfy his beloved without a mechanical stimulator?

Well, seriously, when using stimulants, one should not abuse the speed of vibration. For a start, it is advisable to try the vibrator for a short time and at low speed.

Erotic lingerie

If all this did not convince you and you still doubt, are afraid to use permitted sex toys, then why not diversify your love life with erotic underwear from the sex shop? Many women are complex to wear something like that, mistakenly believing that during pregnancy they become not sexy and stop attracting and exciting men. Lovely women, this idea live only in your head. During pregnancy, we are good and sexy as ever. We continue to attract and excite their spouses. Most men do not notice small stretch marks at all.Moreover, almost any complex can be presented as a virtue. Feel free to go to the store and choose your erotic lingerie, which will emphasize all the best that is in your body.

What is important to consider when choosing:

Underwear should fit the size; it should not squeeze or overtighten the body, disrupting the blood circulation in your body;

Only high quality fabrics and accessories.

Here, an ordinary photo camera can be an auxiliary sex toy, with which you can hold an erotic photo session in new revealing lingerie.

Vibration panties

Do not confuse erotic underwear with vibro-pants. This is a great thing to enjoy and achieve multiple orgasms, but for pregnant women, such panties are extremely dangerous to use. They give impulses that increase blood circulation in the pelvic area. The consequences of such a vibration are difficult to predict, but they can be very sad. In the later periods it is the threat of premature birth, as well as the likelihood of such a severe complication as placental abruption. Therefore, with such experiments it is better to wait a couple of three months.

Anal stimulants

Although the harm of anal sex during pregnancy is a rather controversial issue and experts are not unanimous in this opinion, yet most of them are inclined to believe that it can cause great harm to a woman, due to physiological changes in her body during pregnancy. Due to the increased load on the body, the likelihood of bleeding increases, as well as the development of hemorrhoids. If they already exist, the risk of damage becomes higher. Therefore, judge for yourself whether it is worth resorting to anal stimulants or not. If you still have the courage to use them, then follow the rules of hygiene. Wash stimulants and do not use them for vaginal comfort, because you are more likely to carry an intestinal infection that is difficult to treat.

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