Jade Yoni Eggs vs Normal Yoni Eggs |What’s The Difference?

Get started with the Jade yoni eggs, cones and other tools that help you with your pelvic floor exercises! On this article you will find an overview of the various possibilities that are available to experiment with. The descriptions are consistent with the main differences and benefits of jade yoni eggs offer.

Mail & Female wishes you a lot of fun with your choice and if you have any questions you can always long, call, email and chat. We find it very nice to advise you because every woman and man is different and we prefer to see everyone happy! But what makes one person a great sensation leaves the other indifferent. For example, if you are a 50-year-old woman, you have not given birth and do yoga with yoni eggs; your condition is different from a woman of the same age, with children and without a sporting existence. You notice the condition of your pelvic floor muscles when you cannot stop your pee with sneezing or laughing. It is obvious that the muscles are weakened and you can best start with not too heavy balls. In all other cases it is often a question of taste, budget and the degree of desired challenge. If you click on the pictures shown here, you can go straight to the products where you can also place your order.

Duo and some Jade yoni eggs

Just want to start somewhere and try something out and do not spend a lot of money? Then choose one of these Ben Wa silicone balls to start with. They are hollow balls, wrapped in a layer of silicone with a weight inside. They are available in single and double versions.

The variation on this theme is the greatest. The jade Yoni Eggs wear comfortably and are very pleasant due to the stimulating tapping that they exert against the vaginal wall. Especially during sports and dancing they will help you to use your muscles: tension & relax. The variants differ in size and weight. A single ball is lighter and great to start with. The Fun Factory brings out the Uno and the Duo. With the Ben-Wa balls from LELO: Luna Noir you can choose whether you use 1 or 2 balls. Two ben-wa balls do not necessarily have to be too heavy for you. The nice thing about 2 balls is that the effect of the moving balls is more tangible.

Ben Wa construction – balls

Another example of the ball concept is the Luna Beads from LELO. This set consists of four separate balls, of different weight. You can make your own combi, from one ball. The silicone mount is the casing in which you can do the balls. To apply depending on your personal situation and preference, make your exercise tool as heavy as you want. The experts also has such a constructed set; the Pussy Play Balls. These balls also vary in weight but are solid. So there are no moving balls, like the Luna Beads. Both sets are fun and smart designs to play with and vary.

The original Geisha balls

The Japanese geisha can use her vaginal muscles to let these balls roll, dance and move in her yoni (vagina). That is anatomically possible because there are all kinds of muscles running in different directions in the vagina. It is a bit far to devote to this, but it is certainly interesting! Of course it belongs to the knowledge of our body and little by little we illuminate the veils about our ‘mysteries’. As far as the geishas we are not yet. Does it seem exciting to play with the geisha balls? In this beautiful box there are 2 gold colored geisha balls. They are made of solid metal. They are rather small and heavy balls and therefore difficulty level high. It may be difficult for you to keep them inside. Make sure that they cannot be damaged by dropping them on a hard surface, damaging the gold layer. Before you use them, always make sure that they are completely smooth and sound. The geisha balls from Blooming are bigger and therefore easier to hold with your muscles and they have a silicone layer.

Yoni egg of gemstone

If you are interested in the tantric love art, you can opt for Tantra eggs of solid gemstone. The property of the stone contributes to your well-being and varies in significance. The jade-egg is the best known. Mail & Female has 4 types: jade, rock crystal, pink quartz and jasper. The exercises with these tantra or yoni eggs are based on the Tantric & Taoist love doctrine, and encompass your whole being: body, heart and mind. The eggs are a recommendation for women who are interested in the theory of this love doctrine and want to practice in it.

Every woman of any age can start working with a tantra egg. You can work with this egg in every possible way. They have a string that you can easily remove. If they are too heavy for you, start the exercise. Exercises with the yoni egg can be found at the online sites.

Dumbbells & Dildos

Experimenting with something other than jade yoni eggs or tantra eggs can be done with these heavier weights, for example in the form of a dumbbell. Such a nice, streamlined dildo of surgical steel -like the depicted Pure Wand is also very suitable for vaginal muscle exercises. But also dildos made of natural stone or glass can be fine exercise instruments. You can also combine this well with the sexual game, focused on pleasure for example, to stimulate the G-spot. You use these products lying down. You put the dumbbell or dildo in and you support it with your hands. Then you try to lift the dumbbell with your muscles. It is similar to what you do with your arm muscles with a dumbbell in a gym. These are beautiful exercise tools for women who like to combine her exercise with a sexual game. Men can also apply this principle of practice anally with these dildos.

Men and pelvic floor muscle exercise tools

There is not much attention for it, but men also have pelvic floor muscles. For men, a good condition of the pelvic floor muscles is important to maintain good control over his erection and ejaculation.

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