The Favorite Sexual Fantasies of Women

So, what do women fantasize about sexually? There is no definite answer to this question because women do have a lot of sexual fantasies. They may be too ashamed to talk openly about them, but that is the reality. I think they have had too much of ’50 shades of grey’ the movie and the book. It has given them the willingness to experiment with their fantasies.

Whether it is your girlfriend or your wife, the list I’m going to provide here will surely touch some forbidden women fantasy. The thing is, most women prefer to leave their fantasies just untouched. But some are taking it to another level and in reality accomplishing them one by one. The next time you see your woman lost in thought, chances are she is fantasizing about some crazy sexual fantasy. Don’t be surprised to find out that some of these fantasies are not too different from what men want. So next time you and your lady of the night are engaged in pillow talk, don’t be surprised if you share similar fantasies.

Why fantasize?

It is good to note that sexual fantasies are part of who we are. It is a healthy part of our sexuality. Some fantasies may be taken out of past sexual experiences, but some are just the result of wild imaginations. Some fantasies are considered taboo and unacceptable, but at this age and era, nothing is unacceptable really. By the end of the list, you will have realized that women marvel at crazy sexual fantasies. Like I always say, I, the porn dude got all the juice. Drum rolls, please.

1. Rape fantasy porn

For some reason, this is number one on the list. It may not sound like women are into this kind of fantasy, but you will be surprised. Many women fantasize about being sexually molested by a man. You may be shocked by how many women I have talked to who dream of a man taking them, carrying them onto a haystack and nailing them (not literally of course).

A woman will dream about a man who will rip off her expensive Versace coat, her Gucci t-shirt, and expensive lingerie off and ravage her. These are fantasies, dear gentlemen. This does not give you the license to wake up one day and decide to do this to a lady especially if she is not your girlfriend; you will have your balls kicked hard before you go past the jacket. A woman will however not mind her man doing all these rough things to her if you remove the part where you rip off her expensive clothing. That may not be very amusing. Watch rape fantasy porn videos and see the thrill for yourself.

2. Double penetration threesome

Well, well. Women seem to have a thing about group sex. It looks as if the more, the merrier. Just like men think about that erotic threesome, especially if there is a real Latina girl involved, so do women. Only that women will not be dreaming about some Asian demigod. They mostly want to do it with their man’s friend. Apparently, it adds to the thrill.

I asked some women why the idea of a double penetration threesome is thrilling to them. They said they loved the freedom of seeing two naked men who are sexually exposed and allowing them to penetrate their body simultaneously is only too erotic and thrilling. I couldn’t agree more. Such a feeling is incredible. A word of caution though, do not assume that all women are interested in double penetration. Do not gather all your buddies for a threesome either, unless your woman asked you to do that. But there is a reason a double penetration threesome blows women’s minds off.

3. Tied up and fucked

The power play has a way of turning women on. This includes being tied up and banged. A woman I talked to admitted that she loved it when her boyfriend tied her up with a rope on the bed and left her there naked and went running errands. I didn’t know how this was sexually thrilling until I learned that this gives women a thrill knowing that the man is somewhere only thinking about her tied up in his bed. When finally it’s time to fuck, she will cum immediately.

Women also love the idea of being pushed into a wall with handcuffs on and nasty things are done to them. This is as long as it is being done out of passion, not out of anger. You want to tie your woman and do something nasty to her? Make sure it is not in violent anger before you spend some years in the coolers. See why women love being tied up and fucked.

4. Sex with another girl

Not many women will openly admit to having a lesbian fantasy, but the truth is, the majority secretly do. Many women fantasize about a physical relationship with someone like Angelina Jolie or some other hot bitch that talks like she would enjoy fucking another woman. Don’t you believe that? I don’t blame you.

Women love to think about how sex would feel like a member of their sex. The idea of being touched by another woman and reaching orgasm is an enthralling one. She may not admit it openly, but deep down she’ll be admiring a woman’s body and thinking it’s the best thing ever created. A woman may not have actively participated in lesbian sex, but don’t rule out the idea that she will change her mind.

5. BDSM sex

This is otherwise referred to as master-slave sex. Women do like getting kinky once in a while. They relish the idea of being ordered around. The woman will wonder how it would feel to be ordered on how to suck the dick, at what pace to ride, being whipped and all that. They like playing the innocent slave whose fate is in the hands of the master. It gives them the thrilling feeling of being free and dominated. Other women admit that they would play the hard-headed slave and refuse to obey their masters and be punished. Well, it doesn’t get stranger than BDSM sex, does it?


Of course, lots of other fantasies may turn one woman on and not others. One thing is sure though; women are continually establishing their position in the charged sexual world. Too much of 50 shades of grey cannot be poisonous. If you are a man, I’m sure you have realized some of these fantasies are not too different from your own.

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