Fantasy-Themed sex accessories that might be suitable for your kinks

Are you looking to get kinky in your bedroom or dungeon, but you’re bored with all of the standard types of sex toys out there? What if you want to penetrate your partner’s holes with something that’s truly out of this world? If you want to blast your ass with a merman’s dick or wear a puppy hood to be a good little doggie for your mistress, check out the best fantasy sex toys and accessories for your wildest kinks! 

Tentacle Dildos

Tentacle dildos are some of the best fantasy sex toys of all time. They are available in many different designs, colors, and sizes. Still, they share one thing in common: they look like slimy tentacles! 


From average to extra large, tentacle dildos will work wonders for all sorts of otherworldly kinks. That includes role-play, hentai, BDSM, and so on. Moreover, tentacle dildos have an unusual tapered and curvy shape that feels great during anal or vaginal penetration. 


They also have unique octopus-like grippers, crevices, and textures along their shafts for the ultimate strange-but-good sensations! And that’s not only awesome for penetration. You can use the shape and design of these dildos to get off visually or even caress or tease your erogenous zones. Our best tip here is to pick the shape and size that gets you off the most. Also, you try to get an octopus dildo with a suction cup for intense hands-free fun! 

Fox Tail Butt Plugs

Fox tail butt plugs will give you a nice shiny anal plug to play with, but you’ll also get a long and furry fox tail that sticks out once you insert your toy. These little things pack a huge punch when you push them inside! You can use them for all sorts of pet play, role-play, and rough sex. Just pop one in your butt and unleash your wild side! 


Besides looking ultra-sexy, fox tail plugs will give you more options compared to standard anal plugs. The trick is to make your role-play as real as possible. Then, experiment with the tail during masturbation or sex. 


For example, you can pull on the tail or use the tip to tease and tickle your partner. Why not set aside a bowl of milk and dunk your little fox’s head in while banging her raw? Now, if you want that classic fox look, check out some brown or red shades. But, if you want something with an even bigger fantasy element, pick a rainbow or neon-colored tail.

Merman Dildos

Large merman dildos are the perfect choice for deep-sea dicking! These vaginal and anal dildos are similar to tentacle toys, although they look like a merman’s dick. Merman dildos have a nautical theme. They’re available in all sorts of deep blue, green, or purple colors. 


These are some of the most versatile fantasy dildos out there! Most of them have unique textures, ribs, and swirls that will drive you wild! So definitely look into these toys if you’re fascinated with mermaids or mermen, or you simply want a humongous dildo that looks extraordinary and even a little weird. 


The best tip for these toys is to use plenty of water-based lube. Just get your merman dildo as wet as possible and take a deep dive to experience waves of intense pleasure! 

Puppy Hoods

Do you want to be a good little puppy? Or do you want to behave like a nasty little critter to get punished by your master? 


Well, puppy hoods could be just the thing you’re looking for. These BDSM accessories will make you look like an innocent puppy. They’re usually made of body-safe spandex, neoprene, or leather. You can use them for all kinds of human puppy play, canine dressage, or other BDSM kinks. You’ll get all sorts of elements that will make you resemble a puppy. That includes a pair of ears, dog-like openings for your eyes, and an adorable muzzle. 


Plus, if you want to make the most out of your pet play sessions with your puppy hood, it’s not a bad idea to order some extra accessories. That could include a leash and collar, puppy mitts, or even a dog tail butt plug. 

Ogre-Inspired Masturbators

What if you want to bust a nut inside a big bad troll and live to tell the tale? Ogre masturbators will make all other masturbators or pocket pussies look weak in comparison!


These special masturbators are not designed to mimic the look and feel of human anatomy. Instead, you’ll get something that looks very much like an ogre’s tight and slimy booty. 


Some of these masturbators will give you an incredibly bizarre-looking hole to play with, complete with scales, bumps, and kinky ogre horns. Most of them have one opening, but you can also find ogre masturbators with a dual opening. If ogres are not all that sexy to you, you can choose other fantasy sleeves shaped like dragons, basilisks, aliens, etc. 

How Do These Sex Toys Change Your Experience?

Not everyone is into fantasy kinks and sex toys that go along with them. However, if you’re kinky and you want to experiment, some of these toys could be a dream come true for you! Obviously, you won’t be able to copulate with ogres or trolls in real life, and that’s exactly why fantasy sex toys are all about! 


You can find almost any sex toy to make your fantasy kinks come true, whether it’s a giant tentacle dildo, a puppy hood, or a naughty little fox tail butt plug! Sex toys for fantasies can give you an entirely unique experience that you won’t be able to get with vanilla sex. What’s more, they look and feel a lot different compared to standard sex toys. 


So which of those sex toys would you choose? If you’re solo, you can get as many of them as possible and experiment to find the hottest fantasy toy for huge orgasms! Plus, if you want to use your toy with your partner, you should talk to them to see what kinds of fantasy fetishes they’d like to explore and then find the best sex toy for that! Now, get your freak on!

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