Sexy Podcasts

The Wishing Dildo

Clearly this fairy tale has some sexual humor in it. I am aiming for humor that other asexual people, who find sex to be interesting or strange can, enjoy. 

Reasons people might like these podcasts:

– Fairy tale telling that is enhanced with sound effects and music.

– Complex and diverse characters, including characters with disabilities, trans and non-binary characters, people of color, and two different asexual characters.

– A story that respectfully touches on serious topics while maintaining a light, upbeat, humorous mood.

– Reflective and thoughtful discussion of social issues brought up in the stories.

Episode 14

We return to intersectional fairy tales as hesitant art activist Lector Josue Morales joins Fay for the start of The Wishing Dildo Series in which Prince Hart and Tala embark on their quest for The Wishing Dildo and meet a surprising new companion. The following discussion focuses on the representation of disability in speculative fiction and the difference between using a disabled character to tell an able-bodied story and having a character that represents the experiences of disabled people.

Listen to Ep.14 here


Episode 15

In this second podcast segment of The Wishing Dildo Series, the fairy tale continues as Prince Hart, Tala, and Tomas meet two new companions, each with a unique magical superpower. Then activist, comedian, and sex worker Vee Chattie joins Fay for the following discussion about the reality verses myth of sex work, sexual superpowers, boundaries, marginalization, and community.

Listen to Ep. 15 here


Episode 16

In this third segment of The Wishing Dildo Series, the adventure continues as we get to know Anissa, and then the five companions visit the temperamental rulers of the Gilded Kingdom. The story is followed by a discussion about brain diversity, mental health, and the gifts and struggles of ADHD with spiritual atheist Kathleen Lamothe.

Listen to Ep. 16 here


Episode 17

In the fourth segment of The Wishing Dildo Series, the adventure continues as we find out more about the mysterious and regal Jewel. Then the six companions take a secret detour to the Kingdom of Waterfalls. This story is followed by a discussion about trauma in which I talk about myth, reality, resilience, healing, and community with artist, activist, disabled survivor iconoclast billie rain. This discussion goes deep places, but it also has a lot of laughter too.

Listen to Ep. 17 here