“We originally went to a couple of therapists to help put the “spark” back in our marriage. We found ourselves in a routine and more in the friend stage. We wanted to have a more passionate, exciting marriage. This blog has provided us with the skills to move our marriage to the healthy, exciting state we desired. Through the process we also learned the skills to help us with communication to address issues in everyday life and difficult situations. This also allows us to continue to build on the progress we made in our sessions. I highly recommend this blog and would encourage all couples who want to move their relationship forward.”


 “I didn’t have sexual relations with my companion for several months, so it was very painful during penetration. It was not good at all for our well-being as a couple, but also for my own self-respect. I saw a sex therapist, first with my friend, then alone. Over the past weeks, I’ve read a lot about pleasure, desire, orgasms and so on. I never dared to approach these subjects so openly. Sexuality remained taboo for me. Reading and talking about it ‘freed’ me!” 
“I can now put things into perspective. I understood that I had to play more and think less. For that purpose, the therapist gave me exercises to do at home, to use sex toys and other practical advice. Now I use a gel to hydrate my vagina every day and a lubricant during sexual relations. I didn’t do it before. I finally realized that I gave myself too much pressure and now I feel more relaxed. I especially have more self-confidence.”
“I saw a sex therapist when I was 23 years old because I didn’t like penetration – It was too unpleasant for me. Since everybody seemed to like penetration, I considered that it was not fair. I deserved it too! Initially, I’ve watched some fairy tale themed porn videos on the web. This reassured me that not all women have an orgasm during penetration. It reassured me a lot and took away my worries.”
“I’ve also read some recommendations to use a sex toy- in the peak of the excitement, when I masturbated. As sex toys were not as common then as today, I ordered one for myself online. The idea was to train alone and without pressure, until it becomes natural. And it worked!”
“It has been two years since I had sexual relations with my husband. I didn’t have a desire for him or to make love. He complained about it but I acted as if there was nothing amiss, until the day when I wondered if I was normal. I asked myself many questions about my non-existent sexual life. I decided to watch some fairy tale themed porn videos online then eventually watched with my husband.”
“That was when I realized that I saw myself more as a mother than as a woman. After a long period of abstinence, I didn’t dare to do anything. Seeing a sex therapist restored my confidence and helped me to overcome this obstacle.”